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MMI Participate in Cardiff University MOOC

We were honoured to have been approached by the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK (Islam UK Centre) at Cardiff University to use the Muslim Museum Initiative website as a resource for part of their ‘Muslims in Britain: Changes and Challenges’ MOOC (Mass Online Open Course)

Mark Bryant, Development Officer for the Islam UK Centre said, “The course in general was overwhelmingly well received and was accessed by over 6500 people. The section involving the Muslim Museum attracted nearly 450 comments. The vast majority reported that they had found the site interesting and a useful resource with many saying they would be visiting it again in the future…”

He added, “The most frequent complaint was the best news of all – there was too much interesting material and the learners struggled to choose one to focus on for the exercise.”

The MMI received some amazing feedback from the course participants:

“This is a tremendous resource – those responsible should be congratulated for their contribution…”

“What an excellent resource, I think I will have to revisit it a few times to really do it justice. It is fascinating to see how much we owe to the early Muslim pioneers in such a wide variety of disciplines…”

“What a great study resource! I have never noticed these ‘Oriental’ decorative features in Holbein’s portrait of King Henry VIII before… And I also found the information about Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s introduction of inoculation to England very interesting…”

“I myself am surprised at the length of time that Muslims have been settling in Britain, and I would hazard a guess that this history is also unknown by many of those who take an anti Islamic stance. Perhaps this could begin to be addressed by the UK`s school`s history curriculum…”

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