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Sake Dean Mahomed – the Shampooing Surgeon

Between 1812 and 1814 Sake Dean Mahomed (Sheikh Din Muhammad) moved to Brighton and subsequently opened a bath-house. He provided aromatic vapour baths, massage and shampooing. In his peak he …

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Sake Dean Mahomed & the First Indian Restaurant

1810 In 1810 Sake Dean Mahomed (Sheikh Din Muhammad) opens the Hindoostane Coffee House at 34 George Street, Portman Square, (later expanding to 35 George Street) to serve the gentry …

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The Travels of Dean Mahomet

In 1794, Sake Dean Mahomed published his travel book, The Travels of Dean Mahomet, published in Cork, Ireland. The book begins with the praise of Genghis Khan, Timur and particularly …

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