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Muslim Community in London

In 1641 an anonymous author writes of A’ discovery of 29 different sect’ in London. The author includes ‘Mahomatens’, Muslims.

“Discovery of 29. sects here in London, all of which, except the first, are most divelish and damnable : being these which follow : Protestants, Puritans, Papists, Brownists, Calvinists, Lutherans, Fam. of love, Mahometans, Adamites, Brightanists, Armenians, Sosinians, Thessalonians, Anabaptists, Separatists : Chaldæans, Electrians, Donatists, Persians, Antinomeans, Assyrians, Macedonians, Heathens, Panonians, Saturnians, Junonians, Bacchanalians, Damassians, The Brotherhood”

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