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Islamic Coins

Two dinars dating from 724-743 were found on a beach at Eastbourne in Sussex.

A Scandinavian hoard of coins found in Croydon c.875 included three Kufic coins, all three are Abbasid dirhams: two of Harun ar-Rashid (786-809) and one of al-Wathik (842-7). Muslim coinage substantially arrived in England via Scandinavia and many hoards have been found within the Danelaw (North and East of England) and date back to late ninth and early tenth century.

A gold quarter dinar or tari was found in St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, which originated from Sicily c.1050-1070.

Three Kufic gold dinars struck in Spain, two from 1131 were found in London and one from 1106 in Oxford.

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