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Reading List

Core reading:
Ansari, Humayun. ‘The Infidel Within’, Muslims in Britain Since 1800, Hurst Publishers, 2004.
Gilliat-Ray, Sophie. Muslims in Britain: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press, 2010.
Matar, Nabil. Islam in Britain 1558-1685, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1998.
Matar, Nabil. Turks, Moors and Englishmen in the Age of Discovery, New York, Columbia University Press, 1999.
Visram, Rozina. Ayahs, Lascars and Princes: Indians in Britain, 1700-1947, Pluto Press, 1986.
Visram, Rozina. Asians in Britain: 400 Years of History, London, Pluto Press, 2002.

Further reading:
Anwar, Muhammad. The Myth of Return: Pakistanis in Britain, Heinemann, 1979.
Ansari, Humayun. The Making of the East London Mosque, 1910-1951, Cambridge University Press, 2011.
Auchterlonie, Paul. Encountering Islam: Joseph Pitts: An English Slave in 17th-Century Algiers & Mecca, Arabian Publishing, 2012.
Basu, Shrabani. Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan, The History Press, 2008.
Basu, Shrabani. Victoria & Abdul: The True Story of the Queen’s Closest Confidant, The History Press, 2010.
Daniel, Norman. Islam and the West: The Making of an Image, Oneworld, 1993.
Fisher, Michael. Counterflows to Colonialism: Indian Travellers and Settlers in Britain 1600-1857, Permanent Black, 2004.
Fryer, Peter. Staying Power: A History of Black People in Britain, London, Pluto Press, 1984.
Geaves, Ron. Islam in Victorian Britain: The Life and Times of Abdullah Quilliam, Kube Publishing, 2010.
Gilham, Jamie. Loyal Enemies: British Converts to Islam, 1850-1950, Hurst Publishers, 2014.
Halliday, Fred. Arabs in Exile: Yemeni Migrants in Urban Britain, I. B. Tauris, 1992.
Lawless, Richard. From Ta’izz to Tyneside: Arab Community in the North-east of England in the Early Twentieth Century, Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 1995.
Raza, Mohammad S. Islam in Britain: Past, Present and the Future, Volcano Press, 1991.
Scarfe Beckett, Katharine. Anglo-Saxon Perceptions of the Islamic World, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2004.
Seddon, Mohammad Siddique. The Last of the Lascars: Yemeni Muslims in Britain 1836-2012, Kube Publishing, 2014.
Southern, Richard William. Western Views of Islam in the Middle Ages, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1978.
Watt, W. Montgomery. Islamic Surveys 9: The Influence of Islam on Medieval Europe, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 1972.

Primary sources:
Mahomet, Sake Dean. The Travels of Dean Mahomet, Cork, 1794.
Pitts, Joseph. A True and Faithful Account of the Religion and Manners of the Mohammetans, Exeter, 1704.
Salter, Joseph. The Asiatic in England: Sketches of Sixteen Years’ Work among Orientals, Seely, Jackson & Halliday, 1873.