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London Mosque Fund

A public meeting was convened at the Ritz Hotel for the establishment of the London Mosque Fund for “a mosque in London worthy of the tradition of Islam and worthy of the capital of the British Empire”.

On the 9th of November 1910, the Right Honourable Syed Ameer Ali arranged a meeting at the Ritz Hotel under the Chairmanship of the His Highness Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III. The meeting resolved to establish a fund for the purpose of building a Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in London.

Prominent British educationist and writer Sir Theodore Morison chaired the first official meeting of The London Mosque Fund.

Lord Nathan Mayer Rothschild, First Baron of the famous Rothschild banking family became a trustee of the London Mosque Fund.

Shah Jahan Begum of Bhopal, India offered the London Mosque Fund a donation of one thousand pounds on the condition that a student hostel would be annexed to the Mosque and that dietary provisions would be catered for.

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